Chakras are energy points on our body, there are thousands of them, there are seven main chakras that are located along the spine. Each chakra is represented by one of the colors of the rainbow – 1 root chakra – red, 2 cruciform chakra – orange, 3 solar plexus chakra – gold, 4 heart chakra – green, 5 throat chakra – blue, 6 third eye chakra – indigo, 7 chakra crowns- purple. Chakras are like reservoirs of energy for our body, they maintain it healthy. Each chakra is responsible for different parts of the body and different emotions.


ChakraLocationResponsible forThey cause disturbances
FIRST CHAKRALocated at the base of the spine
  • smell sense
  • feeling of being and having self-confidence,
  • associated with physical activity, vitality, courage
  • is responsible for the skeleton, large intestine, prostate, and blood composition
  • body temperature
  • problems with making decisions
  • feeling hopeless
  • dissatisfaction with life
  • arthritis
SECOND CHAKRALocated at the height of the cross
  • testicles and ovaries
  • sense of taste
  • feeling and wanting
  • is responsible for openness, acceptance, fertility, reproduction and sexuality
  • it manages lower emotions, sexual energy
  • aggression
  • sexual dysfunctions
  • emotional lability
  • feeling of insecurity
THIRD CHAKRALocated at the height of the solar plexus
  • pancreas
  • the sense of sight
  • responsible for action
  • stabilizes emotional balance, peace and satisfaction,
  • it is helpful in dealing with people
  • personality disorder
  • anxiety
  • restlessness
  • aggression
  • helplessness
  • pessimism
FOURTH CHAKRALocated at the level of the heart
  • thymus
  • sense of touch
  • cares about the right to love and be loved
  • responsible for unconditional love, compassion, compassion, love
  • It affects blood circulation, the immune system, the vision of beauty and being in a relationship
  • closure in oneself
  • withdrawal
  • lack of love
FIFTH CHAKRALocated at the level of the throat
  • thyroid gland
  • sense of hearing
  • right to speak and be heard
  • influences good pronunciation, personality development, contact with the environment, and courage in expressing love
  • is responsible for expressing feelings, communication
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • trouble with speech
  • difficulty expressing thoughts
SIXTH CHAKRALocated between the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead
  • pituitary gland
  • the sense of sight
  • for the sense of the right to know
  • is responsible for understanding, intelligence, perception, creating reality, intuitions, is responsible for the hormonal economy, contact with intuition, receiving messages
  • lack of concentration
  • memory problems
  • headaches
SEVENTH CHAKRALocated on top of the head
  • pineal gland
  • supports high spirituality, wisdom, knowledge
  • connects with divinity
  • internal breakdown
  • doubting the meaning of life



Chakras absorb the energy that comes from our thoughts, feelings, who and what surrounds us. Our body feels what our chakras have filled. A lot of negative and destructive energy fills us, so we should take care that as little toxic energy as possible affects us, and if it does, clean energy points, be it through meditation, massage, or stone therapy.

We have known since ancient times that stones send energy and conduct energy, they are used in medicine and in sending and receiving radio waves. Stone chakra therapy involves the use of stones for each chakra to balance the energy of the chakras.

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