In case of a healthy person, sound massage supports the development of internal harmony and strengthens the strength and energy needed to carry out tasks in everyday life. Creativity is also stimulated and all creative forces, concentration, memory is strengthened.

However, in the case of illness, sound massage helps with ailments of a physical, mental and mental nature and relieves stress and anxiety.

Sound massage in the body:

  • Relieves neck and back tension
  • Removes headaches, stomach aches, joints and muscles
  • Regulates metabolism
  • Relieves from cramps of the lower abdomen
  • Calms down and deepens the breathing
  • Improves the ability to concentrate
  • Helps you to move smoothly and stress-free through all phases of labor


Sound massage in various types of therapies, including psychotherapy, turns out to be a great method of deeply relaxing the client in a relatively short time. After or during the procedure, the client can enter a given therapeutic process thanks to the use of sound and other therapeutic methods.

The person undergoing the massage listens to beautiful sounds, but also feels vibrations in the body. The sounds of bowls bring the body and mind into a state of deep relaxation, the person experiences the moment of being here and now. About 5,000 years ago, sound was used in the Vedic healing arts.

Masaż dźwiękiem mis tybetańskich był poddany długoletnim badanom niemieckiego fizyka i radiestety Petera Heissa, który wykazał dobroczynne działanie dźwięku na ciało i dusze człowieka. Istota tego masażu leży w częstotliwości sound genrated by the bowls. Waves of sound penetrate deeply the body and cause vibrations of cells, these vibrations makethe vibrating under the stress in an inappropriate rhytm cells, regain their promodial rhytm and frequency. Vibrations of bowls put cellsin the state of balance and eliminate tension: physical and emotional.

A relaxing sound massage of the whole body lasts approx. 40-60 minutes. The standard procedure is performed lying down. The standard procedure is performed lying down. Może też siedzieć podczas sesji lub leżeć tylko na plecach. During the procedure, the bowls are placed in various places all over the body, next to the body or led over it, so that the whole body is subjected to harmonious vibration. The sounds are extracted from the bowls with the help of special felt sticks. During the treatment, the masseur pays a lot of attention to places where a lot of tension usually accumulates. These are: the back, especially the lumbar spine, shoulders and neck, as well as the solar plexus and abdomen.


You do not need to undress for the procedure, you just need to make sure that the outfit is comfortable, soft, preferably without buttons and metal elements that would touch the bowls during the massage, disturbing their sound.


Sound massage is not performed on people with implanted electronic devices, for example a pacemaker, and cautious use is recommended for people with neurological problems. In case of pregnancy, it should not be used for the first three months, and for the next six months, the area around the cross should not be massaged.

Versatility of use

Sound massage has an extremely wide range of applications – it is successfully used in biological regeneration and cosmetology, in work with children in kindergartens and schools, in work with disabled people, in nursing homes, hospices, sanatoriums, etc. It is a great help for women expecting a baby – during pregnancy and childbirth. Therapeutic sound massage, performed by doctors and therapists, supports conventional methods of treatment.

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