The history of scientific research on SCIO dates back to the 1960s, when research on devices scanning the body and transmitting biological feedback (the so-called biofeedback) began. In 1989, prof. William Nelson proved that an electrophysiological device can communicate with the patient by interacting with electric charges present in the body and the central nervous system

SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System) jest nowoczesnym urządzeniem diagnostycznoterapeutycznym, wykorzystującym odkrycia naukowe, które udowadniają, że wszystkie częstotliwości organizmu żywego można odczytać przez program komputerowy jako impulsy elektryczne. SCIO balances unfavorable frequencies using the reverse frequency and thus eliminates the anomaly and stimulates the body’s renewal processes. SCIO has a European medical certificate of class II A, in accordance with the EC directive 93/42 / EEC and is recognized in the world of science and medicine. It scans the body on 11,000 pieces of health information. It indicates the therapies most needed and effective for regaining health and balance. It helps to balance the work of the whole organism, reducing stress and supporting the elimination of the causes of diseases and disorders, and stimulating self-renewal processes. It is an excellent support and complement to traditional methods of treatment.


During diagnostics and therapy, the client lies comfortably on the couch and is connected to the device by electrodes that are attached to the ankles, wrists and head. The SCIO device scans the body with electromagnetic waves and the information from the scanning is processed by the Eductor 64 medical program, the data from this program is analyzed by the therapist.

Stress for the body is also an incorrect diet, harmful lifestyle, too little sleep, overwork, long-term pharmacological treatment and many other factors, the impact of which can be eliminated thanks to SCIO therapies.

SCIO stimulates the natural, innate ability of cells to regenerate, which, combined with stimulating detoxification processes and strengthening immunity, slows down the aging process of the body, neutralizes the impact of stress on the body, i.e. removes the main pathogen.

SCIO therapy targets the cause of ailments directly and removes it. You should be aware that in order to fully recover, one therapy is not enough, because we work with the disease for several to several dozen years. With each therapy, a test is made and the therapist sees the state of the body, so the therapy is selected on an ongoing basis and each subsequent therapy goes deeper. We should also remember that SCIO stimulates, cleans and regenerates our body, but if our lifestyle has led us to a disease, without changing it, the effect of the therapy will be short-lived.



SCIO diagnostics checks the current parameters of the body and reveals the early stage of any changes in the body that, if neglected, lead to diseases and ailments, thanks to this diagnosis it is possible to improve the quality of life, maintain health or recover.

  • brain state
  • state of emotions
  • the content of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes,
  • hormonal and enzymatic regulation
  • the presence of pathogens such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, parasitesy
  • allergens
  • toxin load on the body
  • weakening or overstraining of internal organs
  • blockages in the area of the locomotor system
  • causes of diseases and disorders of the body
  • stress level
  • hydration of the body
  • tissue oxygenation
  • acid-base balance


  • strengthening the immune system
  • hormonal and enzymatic balance
  • accelerating the treatment of injuries and injuries
  • increasing the body’s efficiency
  • pain reduction
  • strengthening of internal organs
  • mobilization of all systemic systems to work properly
  • stimulation of hematopoietic processes
  • supporting the detoxification of the body
  • activation of natural regeneration processes
  • acceleration of skin regeneration – rejuvenation effect
  • reduction of emotional and intracellular stress
  • improving concentration and accelerating the learning process
  • supporting the fight against insomnia
  • improved well-being
  • increased vitality of the body
  • lucid dreaming

There are many more effects of SCIO biofeedback therapy, they depend on the therapeutic program, selected according to the client’s needs after the diagnosis of SCIO and an interview by the therapist. To supplement SCIO therapy, the therapist recommends additional natural treatments and dietary guidelines to support the body.


  • SCIO anti-pathogens (worms, viruses, fungi, bacteria)
  • SCIO anti-allergy
  • SCIO detox and blood regeneration
  • SCIO lymph stimulation
  • anti inflammatory SCIO
  • SCIO slimming
  • SCIO against pain
  • detox SCIO
  • SCIO regeneration of organs

There are many more SCIO biofeedback therapies, they depend on the therapeutic program, selected according to the client’s needs after SCIO diagnostics and an interview by the therapist. To supplement SCIO therapy, the therapist recommends additional natural treatments and dietary guidelines to support the body.

Therapeutic sessions last about 2-2.5 hours and are very pleasant because the patient is lying down and resting During one session, about 60 therapies that they initiate

the main processes of self-healing.

Immediately after the therapy, there may be a deterioration in well-being: headaches, drowsiness, weakness, infections less often, so it is important to drink a lot of unsweetened compotes, water with a little rock salt, water with lemon juice, take a bath in a bathtub and add 1-2 kg of salt stone, you should rest for 2-3 days more.


  • pacemaker
  • epilepsy
  • heart attack
  • pregnancy


  • drink 2 glasses of wate
  • do not drink coffee or tea
  • if possible, avoid taking strong medications on the day of the visit
  • do not drink alcohol the day before and on the day of the visit


The popularity of SCIO devices is steadily growing in the world. Doctors are increasingly using the SCIO capabilities to obtain the necessary support in diagnostics and therapy. Of the currently used in the world, approx. 40,000 SCIO devices, approx. 20-25% are used by certified doctors, and 25-30% by therapists and homeopaths. Abroad, medical institutions benefit from the amazing diagnostic and pro-health opportunities of SCIO. The University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Romania offers certified SCIO postgraduate studies conducted by outstanding scientists, including: Dr. Onut Bacean, Dr. Codruta Bacean, Dr. Aurel I. Bacean, Dr. Gokhan Senturk, Dr. Mezei Iosif, Dr. Igor Cetojevic , Dr. Anna Maria Cako, Dr. Matthias Heiliger, Dr. Debbie Drake, Dr. Bacean Aurel, Dr. Sarca Ovidiu. These studies are accredited by the Romanian College of Physicians (Consulting Medical Education).

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I do not know a more comprehensive, holistic approach. For me, SCIO is the greatest teacher, it keeps telling me something …

The concept of SCIO originated at NASA for healing astronauts in space.