Did you know you can balance your chakras with massage? Balancing your chakras with massage is a great way to connect with your experience through all of your energy points.
If you are a yogi, you’ve probably heard of chakras or subtle bodies. Chakras are sometimes referred to as energy discs, but they actually have a physical location. Each chakra is associated with a plexus, a bundle of nerves and coils that innervate the tissue. This plexus is part of the nervous system and corresponds to the proprioceptive system (parasympathetic nervous system) and the interoceptive system (central nervous system).
These terms may be new to you, so let’s dive deeper into what each of these systems does and how they affect our bodies physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

Chakras and the nervous system
The proprioceptive system collects information in our environment and transmits it to the brain. The brain unconsciously reacts based on our lived experiences, and our sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system is activated. If our sympathetic nervous system is activated, we enter an overstimulated state of being.
If our parasympathetic nervous system is activated, we are at ease and can rest, understand the information, and recharge our batteries. The interoceptive system helps us understand how we feel. We may feel scared, restless, at ease, or experience stomach pain. The interoceptive system is responsible for the feeling of euphoria we feel when we fall in love or the feeling of fear that comes with us before telling someone bad news.

Each chakra deviates, uses information from both the proprioceptive plexus and the interoceptive plexus associated with the characteristics of the chakra. Basically, our chakras are both physical and metaphysical. When the plexus innervates the tissue, a sensation is felt or movement is initiated. The traditional Hatha chakra system covers the seven chakras, but some systems cover up to nine chakras. The seven basic chakras include: the Muladhara chakra, Svadhishthana chakra, Manipura chakra, Anahata chakra, Vishudda chakra, Anja chakra and Sarasarra chakra.
Chakra balancing meditations can be extremely helpful. Również masaż pomaga zrównoważyć nasze czakry, przez co poprawia się nasze zdrowie i dobre samopoczucie. Each of the Granthi represents our connection to the psychic siddhis that help us feel embodied. When our chakras are balanced, we have the ability to live in the present movement. Practicing in this way helps to maintain the energetic continuity of the chakras and balances the physical, emotional and intellectual bodies. Balancing meditations can be extremely helpful when you want to balance your chakras with massage, which allows you to promote health and wellness.
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