Aromatherapeutic massage, also known as aromatherapy massage, is especially recommended for people living under constant stress. Performed with calm and rhythmic movements, it reduces stress and at the same time has a great effect on the nervous system. It relieves muscle tension, restores normal heart rhythm, proper circulation and blood pressure, and even helps in the fight against insomnia and general exhaustion of the body.

It is a great way to relax and unwind and prepare for all the tasks that life sets in front of us. It is a completely safe procedure, so anyone can take advantage of the massage, regardless of age or gender. Aromatic oils and relaxing music are used for this type of massage. Contact of the oils with the nerve endings in the skin causes an immediate reaction of the nervous system and the desired effect of relaxation and stress relief. The massage cleanses the body, restores the natural harmony of the body, provides deep relaxation, eliminates stress and negative emotions.

Appropriate aromatherapy oil compositions are used for aromatherapy massage:

  • anti-stress composition (lavender and sandalwood, Siberian fir, monoi de tahiti, jasmine, mango)
  • composition for insomnia (lavender and sandalwood, mango)
  • calming composition (jasmine, lavender-sandal)
  • stimulating composition (rose, green tea, chocolate-orange)
  • composition for calf cramps (Siberian fir)
  • composition for tired and sore muscles (rose, Siberian fir)

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